Thesis Wordpress Template

Looking for a good Premium Wordpress Theme for your blog? I've got a recommendation to make... try Thesis Premium Wordpress Theme.

What's Thesis Premium Wordpress Theme?

Thesis WordPress ThemeThesis Wordpress Theme is the best Wordpress theme optimized for search engines. You should know that search engines are the best sources of traffic online. According to studies, traffic from search engines are the best to monetize. Hence, it is important that you consider search engine optimization in your blog. The best way to start optimizing your blog for search engine is to start it with your Wordpress theme.

If you are wondering why you get little traffic from search engines despite the many posts you've already published... then it's about time you check on your Wordpress theme. The problem is probably with your "UNOPTIMIZED" Wordpress theme and if you don't act now, you'll be losing tons and tons of traffic.

I'm a satisfied user of Thesis Wordpress Theme designed by the Wordpress Theme god... Chris Pearson. I'm also confidently recommending it to anyone who want to buy the best SEO'd Wodpress Theme. My index rate with Google (number of page indexed by Google) has increase since I've used Thesis. Right after using Thesis Wordpress Theme, the number of pages indexed by Google go up to over 70 from 21 pages.

Why Thesis Wordpress Theme?

1. Thesis Wordpress Theme is the best Search Engine Optimized Wordpress Theme.
2. Lifetime upgrade and support. (No additional payment necessary to access the updated version.)
3. Thesis Wordpress Theme doesn't require you to be knowledgeable to html, css and php. Anyone from code geeks to newbees can actually use it.
4. Easy customization.
5. Helpful Support community.
6. Elegant design.
7. Publish like a PRO with its styling features.
8. Exciting future updates. (You can even suggest what you want to see in the coming updates).
8. Of course, it's another work of Chris Pearson so expect only the best.

What are you waiting for? Head over to Thesis Wordpress Theme and grab yourself a copy....

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Unstoppable Website Traffic Explained

Let's say you have the best website or offer in the entire universe. But I can predict the success or downfall of that website depending on your ability to drive large amounts of traffic to it every single day. I know this may sound mean, but your website is NOTHING if it doesn't have visitors.

Some people feel that driving traffic to their websites is a rocket science. It actually isn't. It's just a matter of generating user interest, the same way that the television industry attracts viewers! Ok, what can we learn from the TV industry that will help you drive more traffic to your business website?

Well, the TV industry is Not a long show of ads. Any TV channel is committed to giving away FREE, interesting content (shows, movies, news, sports) to the general public. The more content is shown on a 24 hour basis, the more people stay hooked to the TV set. Thus under this scenario, the advertisers get thousands of viewers too.

The same thing should be done with your online business. Use quality content to drive massive amounts of people to your business websites. Give away articles, videos, training courses, press releases....all designed to create a BUZZ in the user community.

However, content is not restricted to informational and educational materials that you give away. Polls, online games, anecdotes, stories, survey questions, and quizzes are all good examples of alternative content. Anything that is not considered blatant advertising, but keeps the masses busy and entertained, can be considered content and these can be used to drive traffic to your business offer websites.

Content is still king. And it will remain so.

Verniel Cutar is a leader of more than 1,000 downline members and is currently specializing in web traffic, viral team building systems, and dynamic recruitment methods. You may take his FREE 8 Day MLM Mastery Course at


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How Husbands Can Treasure Their Wives: Five Tips to Put It In Writing

Blogging Tips : "Would you put that in writing?" In contracts, loans, pledges, putting a promise into writing helps both the sender and the receiver to remember the details.

A treasuring love letter is an intimate revelation on paper that a husband gives his wife that serves to recall some of life's most treasured moments. A new husband begin a long and happy marriage by starting to write treasuring letters on his wedding day. A husband celebrating his fiftieth wedding anniversary can produce treasure chests full of letters through the years.

Let me give two examples. When I was writing "Song of Our Marriage," I experienced a great deal of anxiety that my wife would die unexpectedly and I would be left alone. This feeling came in intense waves from time to time and then it would subside. The ironic nature was that my wife was in very good health and had no serious problems. While this was a difficult period, I shared my feelings with a friend, who suggested that I write how much I treasured and loved my wife in a letter. So, I learned how to write a positive and affirming letter that mirrored the themes from the lyrics of the Song of Our Marriage.

Sharing that love letter was a treasured moment with my wife. She keeps it in a special place and reads it from time to time. Writing that letter began a personal transformation for me. Before, my level of intimacy was shallow. Afterwords, it was much easier to consciously and intentionally share my heart with her on paper by writing a treasuring letter between husband and wife.

Much later, I learned about a "legacy letter" which is an intentional letter that people write to their loved ones to be opened after they die so that they know how much they are loved. This became my "legacy letter" to my wife, which meant that I told her how much she meant to me, in many aspects of my life. The only difference was that she knew it now, while I am still alive.

Another treasured moment was the birth of our first and only child, a beautiful, child-of-wonder named Emily. We were married for 16 years before Emily was born. My wife was 42 at the time and had a difficult pregnancy. I remember writing her a heart-felt letter appreciating her willingness to have a child that late in life, knowing that a signficant change in lifestyle was coming.

We went from a two-income household to one income, and my wife stepped "over" from a top corporate travel agent to become a stay-at-home mom. As the last seven years are passed, my admiration has grown as I've seen her nurture, teach and lead our child as she grows up. And I have found many, many occasions to write brief treasuring letters for each of these treasured moments.

Here are five tips for writing a treasuring letter.

1. To be effective, a treasuring letter from husband to wife doesn't have to be long. It can be a couple of sentences in length. Make your message to the point.

2. Use special stationery, cards or paper that reinforce the message. Find out what images are special to your wife and then be on the look out when shopping. If your wife likes rainbows or cats, find cards with those themes.

3. Write notes regularly. Be aware of anniversaries, birthdays, holidays and special occasions. Think about what that event means to your wife and then write a treasuring note.

4. Write sincerely from the heart. Tell your wife what that event means to you and how blessed you are to share that event with her.

5. Write a variation on "roses are red, violets are blue." There are many different ways to end with the word "you." For example,

Roses are red, violets are blue.
Where in the world would I be without you?

Roses are red, violets are blue.
When the sun rises, I'm thinking of you.

Roses are red, violets are blue.
My life is a treasure living with you.

Knowing how to write a treasuring love letter is not hard. As long as you are aware of the impact that your wife has on you and your family, and are grateful for it, the words come spontaneously. That is what is remarkable about a love letter between husband and wife: it can literally write itself.

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The No Cost Traffic Technique 1: Forum Marketing

Blogging Tips - To make money online, you need lots of people to buy your
product. To make them buy your product, they have to visit
your site. To make lots of people visit your site, you need to promote your site well. To promote, means to advertise... and it could be very costly! But, it could also cost you zilch, nothing. This article series will delve into no-cost promotion that you can use to promote your online business.

Forum Marketing is one of the most effective ways to promote your online business the no-cost way. It cost you nothing but your time. Yes, you need to spare some time to post in multiple forums to make it effective.

The rule number one is that, never spam by advertising your product directly. You must make it look like you are not selling anything. But actually, you can advertise your offer in the form of signature file, which you can attach with every post that you make. Here is the sample...


Are you New to Affiliate Marketing?
Confused with Information Junk Overloaded?
Lets Unclutter Your Mind,


Start Forum Marketing by scanning through the forum that share same keyword with your niche selection. The trick to look out for this forum is to enter - niche forum - in Google search. Replace the word *niche* with whatever niche you choose. Get into some forums and look out for the active ones. The recent post must be current and be well viewed and visited. Then only you register and start your Forum Marketing journey.

What you should do to blend into the forum? Remember this...A...C...A. Answer...Comment...Ask. Look out for questions that need to be answered. If you are an expert on that topic, do answer politely and confidently. Most importantly, do have fun.

Some people need other people's opinion regarding their website, articles or views. Treat them with your comment and critique. Suggest for improvement, if not compliment. But not to bombard them with sarcastic remarks or the like. Just be polite.

If you are not an expert on any topic, then you ask questions. There must be a thing or two that you want to know more and clarify. Tap your keyboard, throw your question to the forum.

You too can ask for their opinion. Maybe about a new product in town and you want to know if others have any experience with it. Do you know that you have thousands of products in Clickbank to start with?

Also, you can ask about what they think about your article that you just publish in your blog. Ask them to critique. This is one way to have a handsome back link to your site.

Forum Marketing is one way to increase your traffic and to
build your opt-in list with no cost ever. There is some other no-cost promotion techniques that I will discuss in my future article. For now, try this Forum Marketing first and master it.

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The Power Of Blogging

Blogs are becoming more popular nowadays. You will notice that the numbers of blogging sites are increasing. In addition, there are innovations already making its way into blogging.

For instance, instead of pure text content, there is now photo blogging where you can now share your pictures with other bloggers. Blogging Tips. Aside from the usual call and text features of cellular phones, now you can use it if you want to post your blog. It just manifests that blogging is really becoming popular to people.

If you are not reached yet by the popularity of blogs, continue reading and see for yourself why blogging is just popular to almost every Internet users.

What is Blog?

Before anything else, what is a blog? Generally, it is a web page that has brief and distinct information also known as posts. These posts are arranged in reverse chronological order (that is, the latest comes first) and each post entry is identified by an anchor tag which is marked by a permanent link that can be referred to by others who wish to link to it.

Blogs are considered to be a means of communication and there are numerous types of messages carried by blogs. Some you will find are just vacuums that points to other websites, others displays their greatest essay, some are personal diaries, and others promote newest technology. In other words, bloggers can write anything they want.

Why Blog?

There are hundreds of thousands of blogs posted on the Internet daily. With these numbers, one question will just pop-up in your mind: Why do people blog?

The reason behind is through blogs, people can express themselves freely. Yes, there are other mediums you can use to show to the world what you have got. You can write articles and columns on a local newspaper. But the question is, are you sure all what you have written can be printed? Writing blogs gives you the power to get what you have written printed immediately. No questions asked, nothing more to be asked.

Another reason why many people are blogging is the freedom of design, layout, and its structure. You do not need to have navigation architecture designs of a website nor a structured menu. You can write anything about what you want regardless of what it looks like. Your point is to attract readers in the way that you think is the best. That is the power of blogging-giving you the freedom of what you want your blog to look like.

Before you start your blogging hobby, you need to know first the blogging tools. These tools enable you to post your blogs either on your own website or to a certain blogging community. One popular blogging tool is Blogger software, a web-based tool that does not require you to install software to your personal computer or on your server in case you have your own website. You can access the tool through the Blogger website and your blog pages can be posted to your own site or to a community blog server.

These are just some of the basic things you need to know about blogging. Remember that blogs give you the power to publish anything you want. However, you need to keep in mind that it can be successful if you will be discussing interesting things on it. And do not forget to place a link directing to your own website. It can help you generate the traffic you needed.

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Link Love Sunday

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    An Easy Way To Make Some Money Online

    If you happen to be reading this article, you're clearly looking for a way to start making money online. Over the next few paragraphs you'll find one of the most absolute basic ways to accomplish this task. As such, there is much more than what's written here to making a good living online, but, it's a good start.

    1) Decide on a market. No doubt you've been researching how to make some money online for some time now and you've come across the topic of choosing a niche. Well, that's this step. Find a target market that is clearly hungry for more information about their niche and show a willingness to spend money on whatever the niche may be. During this step, if you're just beginning, try to avoid niche's that are extremely competitive. If you're lucky, you may even stumble across a niche that is actually under promoted, which would be gold in the bank.

    2) Find something to sell them. In order to make some money online you have to sell something. Whether that be ad space, information, products, services, consulting or whatever it's entirely up to the market you've chosen to target. If you don't happen to have something that you can sell personally, then you need to find somebody that does. This is easy, just do a search in Google for your target niche and affiliate programs related to it and you'll no doubt come up with plenty of options.

    3) Build a web page. Obviously, if you're going to make some money online you need a web page to make it from. In this era of the Internet this has become extremely easy to do. There are sites that, within minutes, you can have a page up and visible and you can have it done without knowing a single thing about coding a web page. Just, don't forget to include your affiliate links on your web page or the links to the product you're selling.

    4) Promote your web page. The final step to make some money online is to promote, promote and promote some more. All of the steps to the process are almost equally important, but without promoting and getting traffic to your web page you're not going to get anybody to buy or click on your affiliate links. You can accomplish this by posting in relevant forums, social bookmarking, article marketing, RSS marketing, submitting your site to directories and any of the other marketing methods that help build traffic.

    There you have it, a very basic bare boned approach to make some money online. Of course, there is much more than can be and should be done but this is one of the most simple ways you can get started and working towards making a living online.


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